Microsoft Ignite Interviews with’s Top SharePoint Influencers

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At Microsoft Ignite in September, as group of us talked to Laura Rogers (@wonderlaura) about some top of mind topics. It was in the context of the Top SharePoint Influencers festivities, which meant that there were a bunch of people standing around with very strong opinions about pretty much everything.

We answered questions like:

  • How are you and your clients keeping pace with the rapid changes in Office 365?
  • Are all of the rapid changes in Office 365 creating problems for end users?
  • Is the hybrid model that Microsoft provides really helping users transition to Office 365?
  • Do you think that Microsoft is going to see real competition from Slack?
  • How has your role as a SharePoint expert changed over the last year?

Fortunately, they edited out most of the long-windedness; you just get the nuggets. Thanks to for the recognition and the chance to capture some thoughts via these interviews.






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