Retrieving the Content Type in a REST Call in SharePoint 2013 On Premises

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Content Type

I’m working in a SharePoint 2013 on premises installation, and I needed to get the ContentType back from a REST call. Content Type is often the most important piece of metadata in a list or library, with the detailed metadata for the Content Type coming in as secondary. It certainly matters which Content Type you have if you’re building custom UIs like I am.

On SharePoint Online, this works:


But on premises, it doesn’t. Nothing comes back for the ContentType at all.

I found this great little tip from eko buried in a StackExchange comment – with no up votes. Up votes matter, people, so make sure you use them.

Simply add ContentTypeId to the $select and you’re in business:


We shouldn’t need to do this sort of workaround, but it’s great when we can!



  1. I dont think it is possible to use “ContentType/Name” as a filter in the oData. Is there any work around to use that as part of the filter?. I am talking about on-prem.


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