SPC Adriatics 2016 Follow Up

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One of the best parts about my job is that I get to travel to exotic locales to talk about SharePoint. My most recent jaunt was to the fine country of Croatia to attend SPC Adriatics. Every conference has its own personality, and SPC Adriatics is know for being fun and filled with meat. Who wouldn’t go?


The triumvirate of organizers – Toni Frankola (@ToniFrankola), Adis Jugo (@adisjugo), and Nenad Trajkovski (@ntrajkovski) sure know how to put on an event. They were ably helped this year by the talented Branka Obuljen Štritof.

SPC Adriatics Speakers

Unfortunately, I was sick in bed for Day One of the conference and still off my game for Day Two when I did my two sessions. I apologize to everyone who attended my sessions for not turning in a better performance. I hope I’ll get another chance to visit Croatia and do a better job.

Regardless, here are links to the two slide decks I presented.


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