SusQTech “30 on Thursday” Webinar “Top 10 jQuery Uses in SharePoint 2010”

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“30 on Thursdays”

I want to thank the fine folks at SusQTech (@SusQTech) – Steve Witt (@SPLumberjack) and Julia Oates (@juliaoates), in particular – for asking me to present in their “30 on Thursday” webinar series today.

We had a great turn out and it’s a given that I love to talk about SharePoint and jQuery together. It’s like peas and carrots or chocolate and peanut butter.

My slides from the webinar are available on SlideShare. If you missed it, the recording will be available soon on the “30 on Thursday” site. (Every time I type “30 on Thursday” I’m reminded how long ago it was that I was 30.)


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