Cool SPServices Developments Today

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A couple of cool things happened today with SPServices that I thought I’d capture in a post.

First, I saw a couple of tweets this morning from Ryan Kirkman (@ryan_kirkman). Ryan runs a CDN for JavaScript solutions called cdnjs.

CDNJS was started in January 2011 as an attempt to speed up the web. It was hosted on Amazon until CloudFlare took over hosting using their own CDN in June 2011.

At the moment the site itself is managed by two passionate web-developers from Australia.   Feel free to get in contact with us at anytime.!/ryan_kirkman/status/185260155301134336

I’ve had suggestions from quite a few people over the last six months or so to get SPServices up on cdnjs so that they could reference it there rather than host it locally. I’ve wanted to do it, but each time I look at the fact that I need to learn how to use git to do it, I’ve lost steam. I really do want to learn how to use git, and I will (Codeplex just made it available as one of the source control options), but I haven’t yet. Ryan saw me tweet about that yesterday to Simon (@binaryjam) and posted the latest version of SPServices on cdnjs for us. Hooray! (But I still need to learn git.) If you’d like to use SPServices v0.7.1a from a CDN, you can do so by referencing it at the URL:

I’ll figure out how to get some of the other recent versions up there as well.

<UPDATE date=”2012-03-30″>

Josh McCarty (@joshmcrty) was kind enough to add some of the older versions of SPServices to cndjs as well. Take a look at his pull request to see the list. If you’d like any other versions, please let me know.


The second thing came from a guy named Ben Tedder (@bentedder) who has been writing a lot of great posts about SPServices on his blog.!/bentedder/status/185434992225157120

I haven’t had the pleasure to meet Ben (his listing on Twitter puts him in Beijing, China) but I’ve appreciated his posts. Today he did something unique, at least for SPServices. Here’s his “Hand-drawn intro to jQuery and SPServices“. I think it’s pretty cool.



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