HTML5 and SharePoint: What Do You Want to Know?

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I’m planning to dig into HTML5 topics as a natural extension of my SPServices work. This post isn’t muck of a post, but more of a placeholder to collect ideas from you. I’m interested in what you’d like to know about HTML5, what you think you’d like to do with it connected to SharePoint, and what concerns you have about it vis a vis things like SilverLight.

If you have questions, comments, or thoughts, please post them as comments.




  1. All I need is basically a clientside jQueryUIMobile explorer for SharePoint :-)

    Seriously, SP isn’t very usable on a tablet and everyone’s got a tablet and SharePoint.

    There are various iPad apps that does client side access to SharePoint, but I haven’t found any good HTML5 alternatives.

    Perhaps this is something for Codeplex?


  2. I’d love to hear your thoughts on localStorage and the File API. These seem to be the most relevant to front-end dev and SharePoint imo.

    A cool site to reference is This has the most up to date info about what to use and not use. There’s also Github integration on the backend, so if the docs are incorrect, it’s easily updated.


  3. I’d like to see how to leverage HTML5 in SharePoint without breaking anything!

    In all seriousness, I figured out how to enable HTML5 and force the browser to render in IE9 mode, but I’d like to see some design compatibility issues. I feel like this is the biggest area we’re going to run into using HTML5 considering SharePoint hasn’t even broken away from TABLES yet.

    If you want you could take the easy way out and do something like rendering graphs using Sharepoint data for on the fly polls or something, but that’s been covered and shouldn’t be hard to implement into SharePoint.

    I think something like utilizing new HTML5 features (along with CSS 3) will be the hardest part as we continue to develop for more platforms while SharePoint keeps it’s old dinosauric HTML rendering ways.

    • Thanks all for the input. With the exception of the O15 question (which I may or may not know or not know anything or nothing about or not), I’ll try to get at answers to some of your questions as I move along.

      If anything else comes to mind, don’t hesitate to drop another comment here.



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