Bug in SPServices v0.7.1 with UpdateListItems Fixed in v0.7.1a

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I’ll admit that I sometimes make mistakes. Here’s a clear one. When I made some changes to the way I initialize the default options in SPServices to help slim down the footprint, I missed testing a few things. Luckily, alert SPServices user mbroschat caught it very soon after I released v0.7.1 and I was able to get a fix in place quickly.

If you see a script error like

line 20
char 11560
‘updates.length’ is null or not an object code: 0

then you are seeing the bug. I used to initialize most of the default values for the options to empty strings (“”), but I removed that wasteful code in v0.7.1. Unfortunately I missed this one effect in my testing.

If you’ve downloaded v0.7.1, then please return to the SPServices site on Codeplex and download the replacement v0.7.1a. It contains a fix for this issue and no other changes.

Sorry for any issues.

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