SharePoint Saturday Tampa Wrap-Up

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I thoroughly enjoyed speaking at SharePoint Saturday Tampa yesterday. Michael Hinckley and his team (Is there a team, really, or is it all Michael??? I know his daughter was there helping at the Speaker Dinner.) did another crackerjack job with the event.

It was great to see old friends like Michael Oryszak (@next_connect), Michael Greene (@webdes03), USPJA student Anita Webb (@awebb55), and the godfather of all that is SharePoint Saturday, Michael Lotter. Yes, it was a very “Michael” kind of event. It was also great see some other familiar faces and meet some new folks, most of whom were not named Michael.

My session on Developing in SharePoint’s Middle Tier was well-attended by an energetic and interested group. I always like to have a lot of questions and good discussion and I was happy to have it go that way again this time.

The few slides I used as an introduction for the session are available here. If the propeller head joke offended anyone, I apologize. Long live the propeller heads.

I’m working on making sure that the demos can be instantiated on Office365 as well as “on premises” SharePoint, so I’ve posted new WSPs to my Sympraxis Consulting Demos site. If you happen to try  them with Office365, please let me know how it goes. While these techniques will absolutely work with Office365, I haven’t been able to get the WSPs to transfer successfully because I’ve built them in an “on premises” VM.

“Middle Tier (Customized Navigation)”




Note that there is also a SharePoint 2007 version of the “Customized Navigation” demo, which is a few revs back, but not too far from what I demonstrated.

If you attended my session, thanks for coming and let me know if you have any questions about the demos.



  1. Marc,
    Thanks again for the excellent presentation in SPS Tampa. I was intrigued by your budget webpart demo. Do you have a solution built for moss 2007 by chance?

    • Vivian:

      No, sorry, but I don’t have a 2007 version of that one. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see? I can certainly send you the DVWP and script code.



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