Putting Together a Survey About SPServices

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In recent discussions with SharePoint luminaries like Christophe Humbert (@Path2SharePoint) and others, it’s seemed like doing a survey about SPServices would be useful for everyone.

I’m building it in Survey Monkey, and I wanted to ask you, the entire world, for suggestions about questions. I want the survey to be useful for everyone who uses SPServices, hopefully just like SPServices itself is.

Here are a few sample questions I have so far. Let me know in the comments what else you’d like to know. I’m happy to slip in tangential questions if there’s something you feel it would be useful to know about the folks who might answer it.

How do you use SPServices?

  • As an end user – I know that SPServices is used on pages I use, but I don’t understand how.
  • As a developer – I use the full suite of SPServices capabilities to build applications.
  • As a power user – I add scripts to pages using the Content Editor Web Part.
  • As an admin – I manage the farm(s) and use SPServices for reporting and other tasks.

How many user are there for the environment where you use SPServices?

  • 1-10
  • 11-99
  • 100-499
  • 500-999
  • 1000-9999
  • 10000+

How do you choose to deploy the code you write with SPServices?

  • In Content Editor Web Parts (CEWPs) on individual pages
  • Added directly to pages with SharePoint Designer
  • Added to individual page layouts
  • Added to a custom master page

Where do you store your script files, like jQuery and any other plugins?

  • In a Document Library within the Site Collection
  • In a separate Site Collection used exclusively for administration tasks and content
  • In the _layouts folder on the Web Front Ends (WFEs)


  1. Which SPServices functions do you use? Do you create your own functions that use SPServices to make web service calls? How well does SPServices perform in your environment? What percentage/how many pages use SPServices? What is the max number of SPServices functions you’ve used on a page or form?

  2. I see “how” questions so far, maybe add some “why” questions?
    The simplest being: “why did you choose SPServices?”
    – I needed a client side solution
    – I am comfortable with jQuery
    – It was the only solution that could address my issue
    – etc.

    Or “are there cases where you decided not to use SPServices, and why?”
    – it’s intimidating
    – I have anonymous users
    – I tried but it didn’t work
    – it’s forbidden in my company
    – etc.


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