SPXSLT (SharePoint XSL Templates) Release 0.0.6

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SPXSLT Codeplex Project

I just released a new version of the SPXSLT Codeplex Project with a few minor changes.

I’ve added a new template called GetUserNames. It’s very similar to GetUserIDs, except that it parses out the user names (rather than IDs) from a Person or Group column value. It requires the GetUserName template to function.

Both GetUserNames and GetUserIDs now accept a parameter called Separator (inventively) which allows you to pass separator text which will be inserted between the values. GetUserIDs in prior versions had a semicolon hardwired rather than allowing you to pass a separator value, so this is a minor improvement.

<UPDATE dateTime=”2011-05-16 15:10″>Josh McCarty spotted an issue in FormatFileSize, which I fixed in v0.0.7. Thanks joshmccarty!</UPDATE>


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