Mini Interview with Christian Glessner About SPServices

1 minute read

<UPDATE dateTime=”2011-04-27 14:36EDT”>Ooops. I misspoke when I said “that SPServices was the number one Codeplex project at the time”. It was the number one *SharePoint* project. Big difference!</UPDATE>

While I was away lazing on a beach, Christian Glessner posted an interview-let he did with me in a very noisy place deep in the bowels of Safeco Field during the MVP Global Summit in Seattle in February. If you watch it, you’ll be able to tell that I had no idea what I was going to say. Maybe sometime Christian and I can spend a little more time and I’ll be able to redeem myself. If you’re interested in SharePoint, Christian’s a great guy to follow; he’s @iLoveSharePoint on Twitter. He claims his English is bad (he’s from Germany), but trust me when I say that it’s far better than my German, and he’s totally understandable.

Christian’s post with the video followed a post titled SharePoint is the #1 Search Term On Codeplex! where he pointed out that SPServices was the number one Codeplex project with the SharePoint keyword at the time, as gauged by page views. Very cool! 

What I *did* say in the short video was a little bit about what got me started building SPServices and why I think it’s useful. As always, a big shout out to Mike Oryszak for the original idea!