jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (SPServices) v0.6.1 Released

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Today (April 13), I released SPServices v0.6.1. This release doesn’t have a long list of changes from v0.6.0, but there is a new function which many people have asked for plus two other enhancements.

For posterity, here are the changes:

New Functionality

Alpha Issue Tracker Item Function Description
ALPHA1-2 5647 $().SPServices.SPFilterDropdown New Function Idea: Filter Dropdowns
ALPHA3 8437 $().SPServices.SPGetCurrentUser SPGetCurrentUser — Add the ability to return the current user’s ID
ALPHA4 7735 $().SPServices.SPUpdateMultipleListItems SPUpdateMultipleListItems — Make work with Document Libraries

I’ve also updated the documentation to reflect these changes.



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