SharePoint Fest Dallas 2011 Demo Materials

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SharePointFestDallasOn March 16 I was privileged to be able to speak at SharePoint Fest Dallas . I truly enjoy going to these conferences and being able to talk to people who are at many different stages of their SharePoint Journeys. Whether someone is at the conference to find out what SharePoint even is or is looking for some new deep technical knowledge, there’s always a little something for everyone. The chance to meet people in the hallways for a chat is as valuable as the sessions themselves.

I wanted to post links to the demo material I used in my session on Developing in SharePoint’s Middle Tier. If you were in my session and have any feedback beyond what you provided on the forms in the room, I’d love to hear it directly, so feel free to comment on this post. Life is an endless learning experience, and I want my upcoming presentations (SharePoint Saturday Boston on April 9, SharePoint Fest Denver on May 19-20, and SPTechCon on June 1-3) to be better, based on what I learned in doing this one.

DVWP Bar Chart


Using SPServices to Enhance Forms

Data View Web Parts and Script to Build Custom Navigation

Finally, a shout out to a few specific people I got to meet in person for the first time, after interacting for a long time on the InterWebs: Christophe Humbert (@Path2SharePoint), Shawn Finer, and Thaigo Silva. It was great to get the change to chat with each of you! (It was a pleasure to meet everyone, but these three guys and I go back a while.)


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