Bonus: TaxonomyClientService in SPServices v0.6.0

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Thomas Zepeda-McMillan was kind enough to get in touch back in early February and give me the code he had built to wrap the TaxonomyClientService Web Service for SharePoint 2010. This made a nice additional piece of functionality to add to v0.6.0. The TaxonomyClientService allows you to interact with the Managed Metadata term store.

I added the TaxonomyClientService into SPServices v0.6.0, tested it, and moved on, but forgot to include it in the documentation. I’ve just added it today, so consider it a little bonus!

Supported Operations

Operation Options MSDN Documentation Introduced
AddTerms sharedServiceId, termSetId, lcid, newTerms TaxonomyClientService.AddTerms Method 0.6.0
GetChildTermsInTerm sspId, lcid, termId, termSetId TaxonomyClientService.GetChildTermsInTerm Method 0.6.0
GetChildTermsInTermSet sspId, lcid, termSetId TaxonomyClientService.GetChildTermsInTermSet Method 0.6.0
GetKeywordTermsByGuids termIds, lcid TaxonomyClientService.GetKeywordTermsByGuids Method 0.6.0
GetTermsByLabel label, lcid, matchOption, resultCollectionSize, termIds, addIfNotFound TaxonomyClientService.GetTermsByLabel Method 0.6.0
GetTermSets  sharedServiceIds, termSetIds, lcid, clientTimeStamps, clientVersions, serverTermSetTimeStampXml TaxonomyClientService.GetTermSets Method 0.6.0


  1. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for adding this service to the list. It’s really helpful.

    I am not able to get the result from the method, “GetKeywordTermsByGuids”. I am sure i am not passing the parameters correctly. Parameter termIds expects the string to be formatted as xml. So i tried all the below option but nothing seems to be working. From my C# code i can get the results, so i am not sure what i am doing wrong here. Can you please let me know the correct way of passing parameter to this method? Thanks!

    termIds: “&lttermIds&gt4f43ef6b-d28b-4066-927a-a3e60c3378ce&lt/termIds&gt”
    termIds: “4f43ef6b-d28b-4066-927a-a3e60c3378ce”
    termIds: “4f43ef6b-d28b-4066-927a-a3e60c3378ce”



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