Reports from the Field: SPServices v0.6.0 Noticeably Faster

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I’m starting to get feedback on the new version of SPServices, which is v0.6.0. One consistent message (other than “I love SPServices!”) is that it feels noticeably faster than previous versions.

I wasn’t able to do any real benchmarking, but in my testing I felt that there was a noticeable performance improvement as well. At least, when I flip back to v0.5.8, my test pages feel more sluggish. I reload those pages so many times that I’m somewhat blind to the overall improvements.

The refactoring which I did for this release ought to result in performance improvements because I’ve optimized the code based on the best practices contained in as well as quite a few other things which reduce the number of Web Services calls while maintaining the same functionality.

I’d love to hear what you see with v0.6.0 in your environment. Please leave comments here and let me know!



  1. I’m assuming you’re seeing the best results by combining SPServices v0.6.0 with jQuery 1.5, correct? I haven’t done any testing with 1.5 (and had avoided it because of the known compatibility issue with the legacy 0.5.x versions of SPServices).

    • Mike:

      Yes, that’s probably the case. Using jQuery 1.5+ with SPServices 0.6.0 is bound to give you the best bang for your buck. I’d be interested to hear whether you see any differences with earlier versions of jQuery, too, of course.



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