jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (SPServices) v0.6.0 Released

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Last night (March 12), I released SPServices v0.6.0. As I’ve been discussing in previous posts (here, here, and here), this release is a significant refactoring so that it passes the majority of the coding standards tests at JSLint.com. Of course, there are some other great things included in this release as well, and I’ll outline them here. If you’d like to see the full complement of changes, check out the Issue Tracker here. With this release, I’ve tried to use the Issue Tracker better so that the tasks document the changes better.

I’ve updated the docs to replect all of the changes, but let me know if it seems that I’ve missed anything.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas, assisted with testing, etc. for this release. A special thanks to Anita Boerboom (@anitaboerboom) for her help in testing the beta for the release. as well as all of her support for SPServices in general!


  • Refactored the code to pass the tests in JSLint. This refactoring should both improve reliability (though there weren’t real issues) as well as improve the execution speed.
  • v0.6.0 is now compatible with jQuery 1.5, which previous versions are not. If you want to use jQuery 1.5+, you must upgrade to v0.6.0.
  • I’ve made several efficiency changes which reduce the number of Web Services calls in certain instances in the value-added functions across the board.
  • Several bug fixes and function abstractions which are used by multiple “value-added” functions. These changes improve reliability and speed.



  • Fixed to work with a German language-based site. See my article at SharePoint Magazine for insight on why this needed to happen.
  • Fix for cascaded multi-select columns.


  • Fixed to handle multi-value Lookup columns.
  • Added a Source Query String parameter for Lookup and LookupMulti column links so that the user is returned to the original form after clicking on them


  • In 2010, the submit button for a form has the value=”Save” rather than “OK” and I now handle this. Note that people are using this function in 2010 even though uniqueness checking is built in, because SPRequireUnique gives more options, specifically to check before the postback.
  • Added a new option to show the duplicate entries as links so that one can easily research what they are and potentially clean them up.
   showDupes: false, // If true, show links to the duplicate item(s) after the error message


  • Made some significant changes to the code and output based on feedback.
  • A few bug fixes.


  • Rewrote large parts of the function to better manage the changes required in the DOM. The processing indicator icon will now show as a background image inside the input element.
  • processingIndicator has been deprecated.
  • Added several new options to the function for more flexibility.
  CAMLQueryOptions: "", // [Optional] For power users, allows specifying the CAMLQueryOptions for the GetListItems call
  filterType: "BeginsWith", // Type of filtering: [BeginsWith, Contains]
  highlightClass: "", // If a class is supplied, highlight the matched characters in the values by applying that class to a wrapping span
  uniqueVals: false, // If set to true, the function only adds unique values to the list (no duplicates)

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