SPTechCon Demo Code and Solutions for "Enhancing the User Experience with jQuery"

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Those of you who attended my Enhancing the User Experience with jQuery session at SPTechCon SFO 2011 know that there were no slides, just demos. I wanted to give links to those demos in case you’d like to look at any of them to pick them apart or take them as starting points for functionality you build for yourselves. Everything I showed in the session and quite a lot more is available on my Sympraxis Consulting demo site.

Animated Banner Demo


Fancy Radio Buttons and Check Boxes Demo


SPServices Forms Enhancements in SharePoint 2010

This set of demos is contained in a solution file (WSP) called SPTechCon SFO 2011 SPServices Demo, which is also available on my demo site in the Demo Site Templates on the upper right of the page.


jQueryUI Item Sorting Demo

This demo is available in the Middle Tier solution file, also available on my demo site in the Demo Site Templates on the upper right of the page. This solution is also part of another session I do called Developing in SharePoint’s Middle Tier.


Just so that there’s no confusion, all of this demo code is yours for the taking if you’d like to use it. However, it is what it is and is probably more suited for demos and education than production use. Besides, it addresses *my* requirements, not yours!

Finally, a HUGE thanks goes out to the folks at BZ Media for yet another job very well done with the entire conference. They make it look easy, when in fact it’s really hard to put on a show like they do. Here’s to Boston in June!



  1. Mark I really enjoyed your session at SPTechCon! Thank you so much for these resources. You have elegantly solved some issues that have plagued our team for a long time. The jQuery sort is mind blowing.


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