I’m Speaking at the SharePoint Conference .ORG in Baltimore, March 6-9

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Next month, I will be speaking at the SharePoint Conference .ORG 2011 in Baltimore (March 6-9).  My session is called, “Enhancing the User Experience with jQuery”. I’ve done this session quite a few times, but it’s never the same twice. It’s all demo, and I’ll be showing some of the old stuff, specifically SPServices form enhancements, and some of the new stuff that I’ve been doing lately with jQuery and the SharePoint UI to improve the UX.

This session will cover how to use jQuery with SharePoint to enhance the user experience and improve data quality.  You’ll learn how to get jQuery set up for use with SharePoint and how to work with the client-side Document Object Model (DOM).  Specific examples using the jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (aka SPServices) will be included and may be of the most interest to business users.

I like this quote over on Marcy Kellar’s post about this conference: “Marc is a strong proponent of easy to use interfaces and considers the user experience when developing solutions for SharePoint (something I wish more devs did).” Well, if the user interface isn’t good, then what are your users to think?!?!? They certainly won’t be buying you any Christmas presents if you give them crappy ones. Systems succeed or fail “on the glass”, and we all need to be thinking about how to improve that UX all the time.

Other upcoming speaking engagements: SPTechCon next week in San Francisco, SharePoint Fest Dallas on March 16 and in SharePoint Fest Denver, May 19-20.


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