Tweeting Old Blog Posts: Useful or Annoying?

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Today I asked a question on Twitter that I’d like to also ask here so that I can get longer replies (if anyone has one). Recently, I realized that some of my old blog posts get questions or comments that (at least to me) tend to be interesting and/or useful. So I figured I’d start tweeting links to posts that were getting the attention.

However, it occurred to me that it could be annoying to people to get those old links cluttering up their Twitter stream, so I asked:!/sympmarc/status/1983387321499648

(BTW, showing the tweet above is my first attempt at using the new Bring Tweets To Your Content method recently rolled out by WordPress using Twitter BlackBird Pie. Very cool.)

I got several responses, which basically all said “Useful, but tell us why you are tweeting it.” Some were sent by DM, but here are a couple of the public ones:!/jbhoward/status/1984852966506496!/sharepointac/status/1994061011484672

What do you think?



  1. I don’t think it is annoying at all. I do think it can be useful since I/we may not have seen the original tweet or blog post. It would be annoying if someone started tweeting the same old posts over and over again, otherwise my vote is for “Useful”.

  2. If you Marc find a comment interesting, then certainly it’s worth sharing it with the community.

    Now, I came across one of your new old tweets, and without context it is hard to understand your purpose. I certainly don’t want to find myself re-reading the whole thing and trying to figure out what has changed, either an update in the post or a recent comment. A clue in the tweet would be welcome.

    In my opinion, comments are an essential part of blogging. You definitely give them the place they deserve.

  3. I think tweeting info on old blog posts is very useful as they are only old to people that have never seen them (Stating the obvious I know) and with the way Twitter works it is very possible to miss an announced new post Particularly with the different time zones so morning to me is the middle of the night for you (Again stating the obvious) but very easy to miss on the timeline.



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