Add Web Parts to SharePoint Forms without SharePoint Designer

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This is a little one, but still really useful.  There may be times that you need to add Web Parts to the default SharePoint list forms and you aren’t allowed to use SharePoint Designer. The most common reason you might want to do this is to add a Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) to the top of the page with some instructions for your users. If you try to go to Site Actions / Edit Page, you won’t see that available as an option.

If this is the case, just add &ToolPaneView=2 at the end of the URL and you’ll magically see the Web Part Zone with the Add a Web Part toolbar exposed.

You’ll go from this:


to this in a jiffy.




  1. Great tip. The real question is, once you added web parts can you use the default “connections” web part toolset to get a filter value from the top web part.

    I just discoverd that in SP 2010, my request is built-in. You can easily edit view forms add web parts and connected them by using the new option called “add connected lists” and everything is done for you.

    Unforutantely, in 2007, you need SPD to create a dataview and change the code to LookupID=True thing. That’s why I’m asking if you example allow connections without any code.??

    • Ben:

      I’m not sure what you mean, but all I’m really describing here is how you can get the form page to allow you to add Web Parts through the UI. What you do with those Web Parts once they are on the page is another thing. As far as using Web Part Connections, they aren’t my favorite SharePoint fiunctionality. I stopped using them long ago in favor of using DVWPs because it gave me more control.


    • Mark:

      Yes, this works in SP2010 as well. You’re adding a parameter to the Query String, so if there isn’t already a value there, you should use a question mark rather than an ampersand.


  2. Hmm
    What I woudl like to do is add a web part zone to a list. I want a set of buttons down teh LHS of the list to set filters in fields. I can do this no problem for buttons across the top of a list, but I cannot add a column web part in a list, and assigning a URL with a filter fails if I try this with a list in a web part page

  3. Sorry I have a query not related to this..

    I am using a text box filter (infopath 2013) where I need to provide the complete name to work the filter.
    Instead of providing complete field value is there any other option it will accept some part of the name to fetch the results.

    I am using filter for Equipment field where user does not know the exact name of the equipment.


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