SharePoint 2010 Theme for WordPress

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I got an interesting email today.

I work with a company called Portal Front Hosting, a dedicated SharePoint hosting provider, and we have a new WordPress theme that is free to download and is inspired by SharePoint 2010. The link to a preview and download the theme can be found here: Since you discuss SharePoint on your blog, would you consider sharing some information about our theme there? If not, any feedback about it would be great as well. Also, feel free to contact me by e-mail if you have any questions or concerns.

I emailed back and assured Heather that I would indeed mention this on my blog. I use hosted WordPress, so I couldn’t use the theme if I wanted to, but I’m sure there are some of you out there who might want to. I would think that most SharePoint people who use WordPress for blogging probably *don’t* want their blogs to look like SharePoint!




  1. Hmm, maybe a new trend will arise. Maybe a lot of SharePoint users will want their connection to SharePoint to be visible in their blog. Interesting idea that seems to buck the trend of making SharePoint “not look like SharePoint”. I would like to see how many blogs are using that them next year.

  2. What strikes me as a bit odd… The first anyone implementing SharePoint asks is how to make it look less like SharePoint.

    Why would anyone want their wordpress blog to look like SharePoint then? It’s great work, it’s a nice curiosity, but man…


  3. “Why would anyone want their wordpress blog to look like SharePoint then”

    A SharePoint developer striving to get net visibility but not willing to maintain a public SharePoint website perhaps? ;)


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