jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (SPServices) v0.5.5 Released

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Today I released the next version of the jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (aka SPServices) to Codeplex: v0.5.5.  It’s been far too long since the last release, but I’ve been very busy working on client projects and helping to get the USPJ Academy up and running.  Given that there have been 1668 downloads of v0.5.4 in less than two months, there’s clearly a lot of interest in the library and I don’t want to let it lie fallow for this long, believe me.

This release contains a couple of new things:

  • I’ve “wrapped” the AddAttachment operation for the Lists Web Service Note that at this point I’m adding operations as requested or as I need them myself. If there’s an operation you’d like to use that you don’t see, please let me know.
  • The SPAutocomplete function now allows a CAMLQuery option like several of the other functions so that you can filter the values from the sourceList easily, as needed.

The other enhancements fall into the “Bug Fixes and Efficiency” bucket, but several also provide additional functionality as well.

  • SPArrangeChoices will now work appropriately if you are allowing fill-in choices.  Before, the fill-in option was treated equally with the other options and would also be rearranged (or even have its position randomized if that option was set to true). Now the fill-in choice will always remain at the bottom of the controls for the choices.
  • SPGetCurrentUser will now return any type of User Profile value.  In earlier versions, only columns of type SPFieldText were returned correctly.
  • In SPCascadeDropdowns there was an interesting “feature”, which I documented in a prior post as a potential bug in the GetListItems operation of the Lists Web Service. You can read that post if you’d like to understand the “bug”, but there’s a nice workaround in v0.5.5 for it.
  • SPRequireUnique will now work appropriately with an EditForm.  Previously, if you tried to use the function on an EditForm, it would give you an error for the current value of columnStaticName, even if the value for the current item was unique.  The check for uniqueness now also takes into consideration the current item’s value, so the function will now work great on an EditForm as well as a NewForm.
  • As barrylp pointed out in a comment on the documentation, somewhere along the way  $().SPServices.defaults changed so that it was exposed as an object, not a function. (This may have changed when jQuery 1.4 was released?)  I don’t think that very many people were using the $().SPServices.defaults function anyway, or I would have received a bug report earlier.  So rather than trying to change the functionality, I simply matched the documentation to how things now work. In some ways, it’s a nicer way to interface with the capability, anyway.

As always, here are the release notes, copied from the Codeplex site:

New Operations

Alpha Web Service Operation Options MSDN Documentation
ALPHA2 Lists AddAttachment [WebURL], listName, listItemID, fileName, attachment Lists.AddAttachment Method 


New Functionality

Alpha Issue Tracker Item Function Operation Description
ALPHA4 5906  $().SPServices.SPAutocomplete NA Add CAMLQuery Option to SPAutocomplete


Bug Fixes and Efficiency

Alpha Issue Tracker Item Function Operation Description
ALPHA1 5941 $().SPServices.SPArrangeChoices NA SPArrangeChoices Using with a ‘Fill-in’ choice box
ALPHA1 5943 listNameFromUrl() NA listNameFromUrl(): List GUID Not Found
ALPHA3 5755 $().SPServices.SPGetCurrentUser NA SPGetCurrentUser Bug for Columns Which Aren’t ‘Single Line of Text’
ALPHA4 5980 $().SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns NA SPCascadeDropdowns: Duplicate Values in Child Column
ALPHA5 5898 $().SPServices.SPGetQueryString NA $().SPServices.SPGetQueryString drops RealSource QueryString
ALPHA5 5988 $().SPServices.SPRequireUnique NA Issue with $().SPServices.SPRequireUnique and EditForm.aspx
ALPHA5 6199 $().SPServices.defaults NA defaults is exposed as an object, not a function


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