Building Your "Personal SharePoint Brand"

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Someone asked me this today through LinkedIn:

I’m getting more and more into the SharePoint sphere and am looking to increase my exposure to both the technology and its members. If you’ve any suggestions on any open projects or communities that I can contribute to to further both aims, I’m more than happy to receive them.

If you have similar goals, I’d recommend hanging around and/or contributing to:

I’m associated with all of these on some level, so I may be biased, but I think each is the best game in town for specific things. For me, one of the best learning mechanisms is to try to answer forum questions.  As you do this, you’ll also be building up credibility (And points that can be exchanged for valuable cash and prizes! Well, OK, just points.) and seeing what other people are struggling with.  This is basically how I came up with the idea for SPServices, and the reason that I am rich and famous now.


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