1000 Downloads of SPServices v0.5.4 in a Month

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Woo hoo! Today was another milestone day for SPServices. This is the kind of milestone which doesn’t really mean anything in particular, but it still is pretty darn cool.  There have been exactly 1000 downloads of SPServices v0.5.4 since I released it on April 9.

I’m not going to pretend to believe that means that 1000 people are actively using SPServices, but it does show that there is a lot of interest in the capabilities that SPServices provides.  The level of interaction in the Discussions in the Codeplex site is a better indicator of the usage to me than the raw numbers.

But, speaking of raw numbers, here are some other cool statistics over the lifetime of the project so far.


I launched SPServices on Codeplex with v0.2.3 last August 19.  It didn’t do all that much at that point, frankly, but I wanted to get it out there to see what type of reaction it might get.

I guess it was sort of a good idea!



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