The Middle Tier Manifesto – In Spanish!

1 minute read

I was looking through the incoming links here on my blog tonight, and I noticed this one: Middle Tier (un método alternativo para desarrollar en SharePoint). Well, that was interesting enough to click on, for sure!  What it led me to was a Spanish post which is basically a brief paraphrasing of The Middle Tier Manifesto: An Alternative Approach to Development with Microsoft SharePoint by Juan Pablo Pussacq Laborde in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I don’t know Juan, but I’ve seen him out and about on the Interwebs before quite a few times. If you’d like to see which points he took from the white paper, you can read a translation using Microsoft Translator.

A side note: I’m always ready to be annoyed when I see my content “reused” inappropriately on the Web. However, in this case, Juan gave full attribution to my original blog post and the white paper.  This is how you play by the rules of common decency, boys and girls, if not the letter of the law.

It’s very cool to me that Juan took the time to do this translation and bring these ideas to the Spanish speakers out there.  Thanks, Juan!  (I also like the images you added to your post!)




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