Really Liking LastPass: Evidence that Social Media and Great Customer Service Make All the Difference

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In a post about a week and a half ago entitled Judging a Company in the Age of Social Media, I talked about a product called LastPass that I had been trying out.  I had been having problems with it, and I tweeted about it.  Not a minute had gone by (literally) when I got a tweet back from @LastPass asking if they could help. Within ten minutes I had an email from Joe Siegrist, the CEO of LastPass, offering to remote into my machine to check things out.

I’m repeating some of my last post here, but that’s because it was amazing that Joe was so on top of the issue.  Not only that, but over the course of the next few days, Joe sent me links to several new builds of the product which contained fixes based on the information I sent him whenever I had a subsequent problem.  It’s been about a week no since I got the last patch, and LastPass is working perfectly now.

LastPass is a “password vault” product and I’ll let you read all about it on their Web site. What this experience demonstrated to me was that the big boys aren’t necessarily the right ones for me  to deal with.  If I had had a problem with one of the bigger companies’ products, you can bet I *still* wouldn’t have gotten a satisfactory response or a fix; I would have moved on the the next product to try it out.  Joe and the LastPass team showed me that they were on top of the social media concept, but more importantly, they had an agile enough development team that they could get me new builds to fix the problem fast.

So if you appreciate truly amazing customer support on top of a great product to begin with, give LastPass a shot.  Tell Joe I sent you, and I bet he’ll know what you’re talking about.


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