New Logo and Certification Icons for the jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (SPServices)

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As I posted last week, I’m going to start certifying the jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (SPServices) functions for use with SharePoint 2010.  In thinking through how best to do that, I realized that I needed a good, clear way to indicate what I’ve tested and whether there are any caveats you might need to worry about. It seemed that the best way to do this would be to add some icons to each function that showed the current status.

I’m also going to start using the SPServices nickname more often for the library.  (I think that Will Lawrence was the first one to come up with the nickname, and it seems to have stuck.) When I started developing it, I was squarely focused on SharePoint’s Web Services, but I’ve gone beyond that and created some functions that are just useful, without utilizing the Web Services.  Besides, ‘jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services’ is a mouthful and doesn’t fit well at all into 140 characters.

I mentioned all of this to Michael Greene (@webdes03) (who has been immensely helpful with the library already – see below) and away he went and created this artwork for me.  You have got be careful what you mention to Michael, as he goes off and does something about it every single time, and he always does it well. Michael also came up with a nice new logo for the project:





Here are the new icons, which I also explain in the Glossary on the Codeplex site.

sp2007-cert This icon indicates that the function is Certified for SharePoint 2007. All of the current functions will be getting this icon as soon as I can make the pass through to add it.
sp2010-notest This icon indicates that the function has not yet been tested with SharePoint 2010.  If you see this icon for a function, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the function won’t work with SharePoint 2010, it means that I can’t say either way because I haven’t done any testing.  If you try the function, please let me know what happens, whether positive or negative.
sp2010-works This icon indicates that the function has been tested and works with SharePoint 2010 but that there are some caveats. In each case where you see this icon, you’ll also see explicit details of what you need to consider or watch for to use the function with SharePoint 2010.
sp2010-cert This icon indicates that the function is Certified for SharePoint 2010.  This means that, to the best of my knowledge, and based on my testing, the function works fine with SharePoint 2010.  As with SharePoint 2007, your mileage may well vary, depending on what types of customization you have done.

We may tweak the icons a teeny bit before we fully roll them out.  Let us know if you have a strong opinion either for or against them as they stand.

Thanks to Michael Greene (@webdes03) for his great work on these icons and the project logo. Michael’s been along for the ride with the library, first in asking me some really great questions early on, then suggesting some functionality and tweaks as he’s used it, watching and contributing to the discussions while I was on vacation, and now contributing this cool and helpful artwork.  I value Michael’s input tremendously.



  1. Trademark–you should think about applying for a trademark for SPServices; I did a quick search, doesn’t look like there is a registered trademark.

    Even if you don’t register it, you should put the little TM symbol next to the name, showing that you are making a common law claim to the name as your trademark.

    Looks like it’s $325 to file electronically under 1 class (this would be Class 9, software). I think, anyway.

    IANAL, but something for you to consider.


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