I’ll be at the SharePoint Technology Conference (SPTechCon) in SFO Next Week

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And why should that matter to you? Well, since I missed the big SPC09 in Las Vegas last year, I’m hoping that I’ll have the chance to meet some of you fine folks who read this blog or correspond with me.

From all accounts, SPTechCon is going to be a great event.  These things are as much about mingling with the glitterati as anything else.  I’m already building my list of folks that I’d like to have a chat with, like Mark Miller from EndUserSharePoint.com and Bjørn Furuknap of USP Journal fame.  Sure, I "chat" with these guys frequently over Twitter and such, but there’s no beating a real face-to-face.  The social Web is great, but it ought to facilitate more in-depth interactions.

If you’re going to be there, let me know so that we can be sure to find each other!



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