jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services v0.4.8 Released

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I released v0.4.8 of the jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services yesterday.  As always, I recommend an upgrade, as I continue to make efficiency boosts in each version.  Significant in 0.4.8, I made the $().SPServices.SPGetCurrentSite function smarter, so that it only calls the Webs Web Service’s WebUrlFromPageUrl operation once per page to cut down on the Web Service calls in all of the functions.

Read the full Release Notes for a few additional enhancements.

This release also contains two new functions:


This function doesn’t call any of the Web Services, but it seemed like a nice adjunct to the $().SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns function.  SPSetMultiSelectSizes simply sets the sizes of the multi-select boxes on a form automagically based on the values they contain. The function also takes into account the fontSize, fontFamily, fontWeight, etc., in its algorithm.


I’ve been mentioning this function for months, but just didn’t get it out there until now.  As I’ve said before, "With great power comes great responsibility" (turns out that quote is from Stan Lee in Spiderman, of all places!) If you are using jQuery with SharePoint, you need to have good deployment practices, and that includes some reporting and management tools. SPScriptAudit is my first attempt to create one of these tools.  It reports on usage of jQuery in a site based on a set of options.

What I wanted to do was get SOMETHING out there (and it sure took me way too long to do so) so that I could get some comments and criticisms back.  I don’t think that what I’ve got right now is the best output, frankly, but since I’ve been developing it in a bit of a vacuum, I decided to risk the opprobrium of the masses by putting it out there.

Let’s consider what I just released as R1 (R1s are never really all that great), and something I can build on.  I’ve already gotten some great ideas from Jaap Vossers (Thanks, Jaap! @jvossers), and I want your ideas and builds on the basic concept to make it truly useful, too.  Please post your comments on the function on the Codeplex site in the Discussions.  There are already a few threads over there about it, so join into the conversation!



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