Revived Stump the Panel: SharePoint Q&A at

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There’s a new, revived Stump the Panel over at as of today.  Those of you who follow EndUserSharePoint (@EUSP) know about the difficulties they had last month when their hosting provider shut them down due to high trafiic.  (Sort of a good *and* bad problem to have!)

Well, Stump the Panel is back with a better interface, and I’m please to report that I will be moderating one of the forums about SharePoint and jQuery: jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services Solutions.  This is a forum where we can discuss jQuery with SharePoint on any level that might interest you, as well as the specifics of my jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services.  Yes, there’s the Discussions forum on the Codeplex site, but Mark and I figured that we could serve another or larger audience by implementing a forum at EndUserSharePoint as well. So yes, I’ll be trying to spread myself more thinly across the MSDN SharePoint – Design and Customization forum, SharePointOverflow, the Codeplex site, and EndUserSharePoint, but the important thing is to give folks options so that we can help them make the most of SharePoint.   The more the merrier!

Stop by and say hello, ask a question, leave an example of what you are doing with jQuery, etc.  I look forward to hearing from you!



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