Podcast About SharePoint, jQuery, Web Services, etc. with Jeremy Thake of the SharePoint Dev Wiki

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Jeremy Thake and I had a nice chat yesterday.  Morning my time, evening his; we could hardly be further apart, him in Perth, Australia and me here in Boston, MA, USA.

Despite the time difference, I fully enjoyed the conversation.  I know that Jeremy knows his stuff, having followed his work through Twitter (@jthake) and on the SharePoint Dev Wiki. It’s interesting getting to talk to someone you only know through typing.  I thought perhaps we might not see eye to eye on some of my thinking about SharePoint and where I see it heading, but we seemed to after all.  As is usually the case once you get me talking, the conversation freewheeled around a bit.  Ostensibly it was about my jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services, but we managed to cover a lot more ground than that.

If you have a spare 45 minutes or so, give the podcast a listen.


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