SharePoint 2010 and the jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services

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I decided it was high time to take a look at how my jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services might hold up in SharePoint 2010.  After all, it’s a whole new product, everything’s new and improved, etc.  Except it turns out that many things are exactly the same.

This is actually not bad news.  For instance, even though the forms to create, edit, and view list items (NewForm, EditForm, and DispForm) look quite a bit different in SharePoint 2010, they have almost exactly the same HTML structure. In SP2010 they generally pop up in modal windows, but the page structure is the same.

This isn’t just good news for my jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services, it’s good for anyone who has done the work to create scripts that enforce business rules on their forms.  Based on my very quick pass today, I’m guessing that most form scripts will continue to work as they have or may need minor tweaking.



  1. This is excellent news. I received word the other day that our group is putting together a team after the new year to strategize and plan a SP2010 transition–no small feat when you’re talking about an environment that holds close to 2,000 collections; and the corporate environment is even larger.


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