jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services v0.4.7 Released

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I released v0.4.7 of the jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services today. This release primarily contains enhancements to existing functions, but also a new set of operations for the Meetings Web Service.

The big headlines are:

Just a reminder: If you are still using a version prior to v0.4.6, I *highly* recommend an upgrade, as I made some significant performance improvements in $().SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns and $().SPServices.SPDisplayRelatedInfo.

Release Notes

New Functionality

Issue Tracker Item Function Operation Description
NA $().SPServices.SPDisplayRelatedInfo NA Added new options numChars and matchType
5010 $().SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns NA Added support for secondary relationship lists
5012 $().SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns, $().SPServices.SPDisplayRelatedInfo, $().SPServices.SPLookupAddNew, $().SPServices.SPRequireUnique NA Added a completefunc option
4196 $().SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns NA Added support for multi-select parent columns

New Operations

Web Service Operation Options MSDN Documentation
Meetings AddMeeting organizerEmail, uid, sequence, utcDateStamp, title, location, utcDateStart, utcDateEnd, nonGregorian Meetings.AddMeeting Method
  CreateWorkspace title, templateName, lcid, timeZoneInformation Meetings.CreateWorkspace Method
  RemoveMeeting recurrenceId, uid, sequence, utcDateStamp, cancelMeeting Meetings.RemoveMeeting Method
  SetWorkspaceTitle title Meetings.SetWorkspaceTitle Method

Bug Fixes and Efficiency

Issue Tracker Item Function Operation Description
4971 $().SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns NA The & sign causes problem
NA $().SPServices.SPDisplayRelatedInfo NA Improved debug mode when relatedList column doesn’t exist.
NA $().SPServices.SPLookupAddNew NA Added in some better debug mode code. It wasn’t trapping in any obvious way if the column you called it with wasn’t actually a lookup column. Now with debug mode enabled, if the column isn’t a lookup column, you’ll get a message, like with the other debug mode-enabled functions.
5011 $().SPServices.SPDisplayRelatedInfo NA Improved formatting for calculated columns by removing leading value type indicator (e.g., string;#, float;#, datetime;#)


  1. Mark

    Can i User this library to Create Cascading Dropdown in DVWP.
    I would like to Create DVWP to insert item in list in which want to implement Cascading Dropdown.


      • Thanks Marc,
        what i am doing here is I have Webpart page in this webpart i have created New item form based on some list.now i want to implement cascading Dropdown on this form between client and projects.

        so i will add CEWP on this page and put the jquery code for it in source editor.Please make correct if i am wrong.

        One more this Marc.
        as we know people picker store value in form of domain\uname.so i would like to write jquery on people picker blur event to get only uname and store it in UserID field can u please guide me on this also.


        • Ron:

          Sounds like you’re heading in the right direction. Be sure to read the documentation so that you get everything set up right.

          The name value in a People Picker is captured in a plain old INPUT control, so grabbing the value is pretty straightforward with jQuery. (The fancy parts of the People Picker are the things wrapped around the INPUT control.)



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