TiVo Desktop 2.7 with Windows 7

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Here’s an off-topic post for you.  I can’t live without my TiVo, but it’s been quite a long while since I’ve used TiVo Desktop to transfer shows to my PC. Somewhere along the way I uninstalled TiVo Desktop, certainly before I upgraded to Windows 7.

The new TV season and some of the great shows we’re saving has filled up the TiVo, so it was time to fire up TiVo Desktop to move some things off into storage.  Alas, after installing it, I was getting errors like "Access is denied" and other cantankerousness.  I knew my Media Access Key (MAK) was right because I was copying it right from the TiVo My Account page.

I finally got things up and running, and I think the thing that did it was a nice little command line utility from TiVo called the TiVo Desktop Cleaner utility.  You can read about it here.  This little wonder truly uninstalls every last bit of the TiVo Desktop, including the Windows registry settings, and lets you start from scratch.  Once I ran it and reinstalled TiVo Desktop 2.7, I was back in business.  Dollhouse "Belle Chose" is on it’s way to my laptop as I type.  (No ,my wife doesn’t like Dollhouse; it’s one of *my* guilty pleasures.)



  1. I installed clean 2.7 on Windows 7 but have been having problems streaming music and photos to the TiVo. I get the obscure 43-100 error. This was after I disabled the internal firewall. Before that, the TiVo couldn’t even see my PC.

    I since had a message come up on TiVo [Australia] that states that TiVo Desktop 2.7 is not compatible with Windows 7. I’m hoping that release 2.8 will fix this.

    Anyone had similar issues? Anyone know the planned release date of 2.8?


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