jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services v0.2.10 Released

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Unfortunately quickly followed by 0.2.10a to fix a quick bug.  But at least it was a quick fix, and driven by someone called mwhite01 trying to actually use SPDisplayRelatedInfo to solve a business requirement.

In this release, the main new things are a new function called $().SPServices.SPDebugXMLHttpResult and a slew of new Web Service operations.  SPDebugXMLHttpResult is a function you can call to help with your debugging.  It will output in a [hopefully] organized manner the details of the XMLHttpRequest which is returned from any Web Service call.  We needed something like this for our debugging and testing, and it seemed to make sense to make it a part of the library.  You could even use it for debugging as you work with other Web Services which we don’t support.

The majority of the new operations are User and Groups operations.  I know that in a lot of the Data View Web Parts (DVWPs) that I have built, it would have been useful to know what groups someone is in, what site permissions look like, etc.

We also did some reorganizing of the documentation.  No software is worth anything without good documentation, and we’d like ours to be as simple, clear, and understandable as possible.  Let us know where we’ve missed the mark!

Once again, for posterity, here are the release notes:

Release Notes

NOTE: jquery.SPServices-0.2.10a.js contains a fix for a bug in SPDisplayRelatedInfo which occurs if columnName contains a space. Thanks to mwhite01 for spotting the bug. And sorry to mwhite01 for publishing the bug in the first place.

New Functions

This function displays the XMLHttpResult from an Ajax call formatted for easy debugging. You can call it manually as part of your completefunc].

New Operations

See $().SPServices for the list of new operations. They are marked with version 0.2.10 in the Introduced column.

Bug Fixes

Cascade dropdown won’t work with & symbol


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