jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services v0.2.8 Released

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This afternoon, we released v0.2.8 of our jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services. I’ve marked it as a beta for now, but it seems pretty stable to me. (Never trust the coder.)

In this release, we’ve added a number of operations and expanded the SPCascadingDropdowns function to work with dropdowns with 20+ options. As you may know, SharePoint uses a standard SELECT for dropdowns on forms with fewer than 20 options. For dropdowns with 20+ options, SharePoint uses a hybrid INPUT/SELECT which does some nice narrowing of options as you type. The difference in these two controls requires some fancy coding footwork to deal with the possible combinations and permutations. Kirikou contributed code which made this more robust than the approach we had been taking, so thanks Kirikou!

The release notes on the Codeplex site detail the changes, but here they are for posterity:

Changes to Options

Function Operation Options Description
SPServices.SPCascadingDropdowns NA relationshipListParentColumn, relationshipListChildColumn Fully implemented these two options. They allow you to specify which columns in the relationship list contain the parent and child information by column name.
SPServices.SPCascadingDropdowns NA relationshipWebURL Added this option to allow use of lists in other sites without having to use their GUIDs.
SPServices GetListItems CAMLRowLimit, CAMLQueryOptions These two options had not been implemented previously; they now are.

Bug Fixes


New Functionality

Function Operation Description
SPServices.SPCascadingDropdowns NA This function will now work with any number of items in the dropdowns (parent or child). Major assist from Kirikou on this.

New Operations

Web Service Operation Options MSDN Documentation
Alerts GetAlerts [webURL] Alerts.GetAlerts Method
DeleteAlerts [webURL], IDs Alerts.DeleteAlerts Method
Authentication Login username, password Authentication.Login Method
Mode None Authentication.Mode Method
Forms GetForm [webURL], listName, formUrl Forms.GetForm Method
WebPartPages GetWebPart2 pageUrl, storageKey, storage, behavior WebPartPagesWebService.GetWebPart2 Method
GetWebPartPage documentName, behavior WebPartPagesWebService.GetWebPartPage Method
GetWebPartProperties2 pageUrl, storage, behavior WebPartPagesWebService.GetWebPartProperties2 Method

New Functions



  • Refactored the code for SOAPEnvelope.opheader and SOAPAction to better manage the variations in Web Services requirements.

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