jQuery library for SharePoint Web Services v0.2.6 Alpha

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UPDATE: 2009-08-28: This library doesn’t sit still for long.  We’ve released version 0.2.7 to fix a small issue and are already working on version 0.2.8.

I just posted a new alpha version of our jQuery library for SharePoint Web Services.  In it, we’ve added 5 new operations, and a new function: SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns.

Web Service Operation Options MSDN Documentation
Lists GetAttachmentCollection [webURL], listname, ID Lists.GetAttachmentCollection Method
Versions DeleteAllVersions fileName Webs.DeleteAllVersions Method
  DeleteVersion fileName, fileVersion Webs.DeleteVersion Method
  GetVersions fileName Webs.GetVersions Method
  RestoreVersion fileName, fileVersion Webs.RestoreVersion Method

The SPCascadeDropdowns function is a translation of the cascading dropdowns JavaScript that I’ve posted about here and here.  Since those two posts are two of my most popular, I wanted to convert that logic to jQuery.  Even nicer, because we now have the jQuery library working with Web Services, we were able to put in calls to read from reference lists, removing the requirement for a hidden DVWP on the page.

Right now, the function works only if there are fewer than 20 options in the dropdowns.  As many of you know, for some reason SharePoint changes the control it uses if there are 20 or more options.  We’ll get that logic into the function soon, but we wanted to get this out there for folks to bang on.

Since it’s an alpha, we’re looking for some “swarm testing”.  Anything you can do to try it out would be appreciated.  Let us know if you have any problems in the Codeplex Issue Tracker or offer up additional thoughts in the Discussions.

By the time you read this, we might be outta alpha, but thanks if you can help!



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