Real World Use of Our jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services

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First of all, we need a snappier name.  Any suggestions?

Secondly, it was nice to be alerted by Tom Resing (take his SharePoint 2010 adoption survey if you have a few minutes) yesterday that one of his colleagues had used our jQuery library for SharePoint Web Services in a real solution.  Check out David McWee‘s blog post entitled jQuery to SharePoint Web Services for the details.

David’s solution involved Google Maps integration for SharePoint, which is cool.  Maybe we can work some integration points into the library at some point.  But shouldn’t it be Bing’s mapping (what’s the right branding name for this? Bing Maps?) rather than Google’s?

David’s pointed out that our library was lacking in that we only allowed retrieval of list and web data from the current Web.  Well, that didn’t sit right with me, so last night I created a new release which allows you to specify any Web.  Version 0.2.5 is now available on Codeplex. In this release, you can specify the Web for any operation.  Some operations won’t pay attention to it (e.g., GetWebCollection or GetAllSubWebCollection), but it should work across the board.  Let us know if you have any issues.



  1. Marc,

    I’m looking forward to grabbing the latest version and trying it out, the version I have worked great.

    Bing Maps/Virtual Earth…whatever, is coming next, but we already use a third party tool with a Flash interface for an existing Virtual Earth capability and customers wanted to use Google Maps.

  2. Marc,
    It was my pleasure to pass it on, thanks for mentioning it.
    I work with David and we both work with Microsoft’s and Google’s implementations of maps. Like David mentions, IDV’s Silverlight plugin for Bing Maps provides great integration with SharePoint. Sometimes, clients want Google Maps integration, too. Check out my maps series for information on both.


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