Demo Page: SharePoint Web Services jQuery Library

1 minute read

After the back and forth with Mike Oryszak about the last demo I built, my partner Pete and I decided that it would be really useful (and a fun exercise) to start building out a jQuery Library for the SharePoint Web Services.  While many, many people have blogged about their point solutions for this (not faulting anyone at all), it seemed that a generalized jQuery library could have some legs.

We’ve done a scan in Codeplex and other places, and we don’t think that there is a single united jQuery library that tries to accomplish what we’re doing.  If you know of one, then please let me know!

There’s a new demo page on our Sympraxis Consulting demo site which shows what we have done so far.  Take a look and let me know:

  • What else you’d like to see implemented
  • What you think of the implementation choices so far
  • Whether you might have some jQuery code to contribute

We’ll move this over to Codeplex once it’s a bit more fleshed out.

One final note: We know that SharePoint 2010 will have a built-in client object model, but we don’t expect SharePoint 2007 will disappear just yet.  Do you?



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