You’re Still in the Right Place

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Yup.  Decided to switch themes.  Sort of like trying on a new summer wardrobe. I thought that this theme might be a little easier on the eyes and also give a bit more room for code. Let me know what you think!

UPDATE 2009-07-26 — Turns out the new wardrobe just didn’t feel right, so I’m back to the old theme.  The thing that really decided it was that when I searched, I got the full text of all of the posts back rather then just the titles.   Silly little thing, but I was used to it the way it was.  That, and Francois liked this theme better (see comment below).



  1. The black & red one was really nice, good looking a piece of freshness in the SharePoint blog world but this one is also nice, just a little less “original”.

    anyway, whatever the stylesheets are, thanks for providing us with such great sharepoint articles :)


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