Building a Personal or Professional Brand on the Web – Part 2.1

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While I think about my next pithy post on this topic, I thought I’d share some interesting perspectives from some of the folks I know in the blogosphere.  Seems that a lot of us are thinking about this in a meta way these days.  This is to be expected, as early adoption often resembles a Wild West mentality, and then at some point sanity kicks in and we ought to reevaluate what we’ve been up to.

Vanessa DeMauro: Maintaining Your Professional Profile: Be Fresh, Be Relevant

Mauro Cardarelli: The Responsibilities of Having an Online Identity

Mari Anne Snow: Virtual Branding – Part 1: Are You Missing the Party?

I may try to add to this set of links over time as I see interesting points of view, but I certainly won’t be trying to catalog everything out there.


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