SharePoint 2010 Sneak Peek

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This is already all over the blogosphere, but I thought I’d RB (re-blog, like RT, right?) it.  The official public information about SharePoint 2010 is starting to trickle out over at the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 site.

The videos are worth a watch!



  1. Hi Marc – I looked at this comment: “but I thought I’d RB (re-blog, like RT, right?)”. Just curious, but is this a personal comment aimed at me? It’s posted well before my latest post, but I can only wonder?

    It seems a shame if it is. Because while I’m not technical in the way that you guys are – and which I do respect tremendously BTW, and in my case would always admit to and would never try and emulate – I care about SharePoint as much as anyone. And I’ve certainly no pretensions to try and write technical commentary on this platform that others can do far better than me (i.e. yourself included).

    Basically I’m interested in SharePoint from a project management, usage and business perspective, and I find it interesting to see the way it is developing in precisely this way. I also used to be a journalist in past days and because of that I naturally like playing with stories and words. I realise this may seem frivolous to some but its geniuinely meant to try and give a context to people that are non-technical and non-experts and so have a very different take on it to someone with a developer-level view (i.e. I think there are lots of people out there like me – the PMs and business non-techies who are trying to make sense of this as well).

    So the decision to start posting was only in the hope that these sort of people – i.e. not people like you – might find useful some of the things that I’ve found of use in my own project work over the years. I also look around and I don’t find people writing about the “soft” stuff, and it seems a shame because something like an Intranet project stands and falls on this.

    And although I have been following IM on Sharepoint for many years it’s been a difficult decision. Mainly because the SharePoint world is so obviously full of technically gifted people (which I am not, and never will be). This, of course, can be quite intimidating. And I have read your stuff and I like it, so if it is the case that you really think that I’m not being helpful in any way, shape or form then please say so and maybe I’ll stop.

    Quite honestly, I’d value your opinion.


    Rob T

    • Hey, Rob. When I said “RB (re-blog, like RT, right?)”, I was referring to the RT method with Twitter tweets. I’m not sure where you saw it other than here on this post, but that’s all I meant: re-blog (RB), like re-tweet (RT). Hope I haven’t offended you in some way because that had nothing to do with what I posted!


      • Hey Marc – sincere apologies. I’ve just started posting, and feel very self-conscious of all you stellar SP people looking at my rather weak efforts.

        Likewise, I hope I’ve not offended you.



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