Whither Great SharePoint Blogs?

1 minute read

I’ve noticed over the last few months that many of the SharePoint blogs which I’ve been following for years have sort of gone away.  They are actually still there, but rather than being a source of great, insightful information about new ways to do things with SharePoint, tips and tricks, code snippets, and the like, they have become platforms for their writers’ personal brands.

Now, I don’t begrudge these guys their success at all, but I do miss their useful insights.  Knowing that Tex is going to be in Abu Dhabi talking about his recent drop-in trip to Djibouti has its enjoyment factor, but it doesn’t further SharePoint’s use in the world the same way that a nice case study or technical trick does.

There’s no shortage of SharePoint-related blogs out there, but knowing which ones are reliable at least 90% of the time is a bit of work.  I’ve read so many posts on so many blogs that I considered just plain wrong, or at the very least a really bad set of ideas.  The nice thing about the blogs of the "SharePoint old guard" was that they had already been vetted by the community.  Now that those folks have seemingly moved on to other pursuits, we all have to find new authorities.

It seems sort of sad.  Or maybe I’m just jealous about all the cool trips that they all get to take.


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