Bing Launches Tomorrow (I Think)

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In case you’ve been sleeping, Bing is the new brand for Live Search and Live Maps.  I guess Microsoft got tired of Google being the search verb and figured that Bing might work, too.  I know that I’ve found it difficult to say “I Live Searched for…”.  “I Binged for…” certainly sounds better!

For some yuks, read Stanley Bing’s response to the whole Bing Thing.  If you don’t know that Bing, you can find him in Fortune magazine from time to time, or read his books.

From the Bing Blog:

Join us June 1st @ 10am PT for the Bing Webcast

Posted Friday, May 29, 2009 9:35 PM by livesearch

Want more Bing?  How about an interactive Webcast where we’ll walk you through all the cool features in our new decision engine.  Sure you could read the Product Guide (located here) but that would require, you know, reading.  Better just to watch.

Plus, while you can talk to the Product Guide it likely won’t respond (and if it does let us know – I thought we fixed that bug).   Our webcast will let you interact with the presenter by asking questions throughout the session!

How do you join in the fun?  Three easy steps:

1)      Set your alarm clocks for 10AM Pacific Daylight Time, Monday, June 1. 

2)     Point your browser to (I’d do this before 10AM just to make sure you’ve got what you need to watch the stream)

3)      Sit quietly and watch the ‘cast OR engage by typing questions in the player.

That’s it!  Tell your friends.  Tell your neighbors.  Tell people you don’t even know.  Post it on Facebook. The Bing Webcast– no prompters, no scripts, 100% danger.

Stefan Weitz, Director, Bing


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