Another Neat CSS Trick from Heather Solomon

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Every time I think I understand everything there is to know about CSS (I’m being very facetious), Heather Solomon blogs about something I had no idea about.  Her latest trick is to use attribute selectors to change the formatting of specific types of Web Parts.  This is another trick that is great for SharePoint but can certainly be used anywhere you are using CSS.

I’ll just send you straight to Heather’s post entitled Controlling Single Web Parts with CSS for the details.  Heather’s explanation is, as always, clear and immediately usable.

However, it’s worth scrolling up and down the whole page about selectors at W3C to see some more things you can do to make your CSS apply in more and more specific places using selectors.



  1. I agree, Christophe. The nice thing about most of the enterprise-level clients I work with is that because they have corporate desktop standards, we know what browser(s) we’ll need to support. If you can control this, you have a lot more leeway in how you develop things. If it were an Internet-facing site, the rules would be totally different, of course.



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