IE7 Script Errors

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This one is a little embarrassing to report, because I’ve been frustrated with it and just living with it so long.  However, maybe it will help a few of you out there.

For a very long time, I’ve been getting regular script errors in IE7 on Vista.  I assumed that it was some artifact of the additional security that Vista provides and I just decided to ignore it.  Finally I got frustrated enough to try to fix it, and boy is it easy.  Just make sure that the setting ‘Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)’ is checked in your Internet Options / Advanced tab, as below.




  1. Absolutely agreed, John.  However, I was getting these errors on Yahoo,, Microsoft, etc., so it’s totally out of my control.  I just don’t want to be notified of other developers’ mistakes any more!
  2. Technically you haven’t "fixed" anything – you are simply no longer being notified of problems. A form of sweeping it under the rug, so to speak. Pop-up blockers, ad filters, and tighter security are likely a cause but it’s really the script on the page that is not written well enough to handle these problems and degrade gracefully when things aren’t found or enabled.


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