Catching Up on My Blog Subscriptions

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I’m on vacation this week in Topsail, NC with my extended family.  It’s hot as Hades outside, and as long as my family doesn’t drag me outside to the beach, I’ll be catching up on the SharePoint-oriented blogs I try to watch.  (I love the beach, but at 96 degrees, I can only take so much of it.)

It used to be that keeping up was easy: There wasn’t that much out there that was valuable, and folks didn’t post all that often.  Now there is so much good stuff that it takes a good amount of time to keep up.  Just to stay sane, I try to limit my focus, but there are some things that always catch my eye:

  • Good DVWP tricks
  • Good JavaScript tricks
  • Mapping tricks with Virtual Earth
  • Deployment and instantiation tricks

I know that I’m missing some bullets, but these are the things I’m spotting today.

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