Question About My “Web Parts Falling Off the Page” Post and a Few Suggestions

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I got another comment to my previous post about Web Parts falling off the page this morning that I can’t respond to due to the sender’s communication preferences, so I’ll answer it here.

Hi Marc,

With reference to your blog entry have you found any solutions to this weird problem. I am having the same problem. At first it was simply annoying and I thought maybe I am missing something. I feel pretty clueless at the moment.

I have custom pages built where a page has 2 DVWP, one is a category list and another is a product list view. Clicking on the first DVWP filters the product view. Clicking on a product takes you to another page. I have in all 69 subsites all of which have their own 2 precious lists. Since I migrated to the production box the custom page showed errors. I then figured that the ListIDs were different so I manually edited each of the sites to insert the correct ListID from SPD, checked the browser and they rendered correctly. Next time I browse the site, they are gone!!! I open it in SPD again and the DVWP code are completely gone.

Have you found any solution to your predicament that might help me out?

Many thanks,


The quick answer is: No, I haven’t found a solution.  That said, it stopped happening.  That doesn’t give me any great comfort, though.

It sounds like MW is making nice use of DVWPs to generate dynamic content on pages.  Bravo!  However, I have several suggestions that could have saved MW a really large amount of time:

  • Instead of using the ListIDs in the DVWPs, he could have switched to ListNames.  From the sounds of it, all 69 subsites have the same two ‘precious lists’, I am assuming with the same names.  By changing to ListNames, there would have been no manual editing to match the GUIDs.
  • By storing the XSL in one central location, any changes to the two DVWPs could be made in one place, not 69.  Use the <xsllink> element to achieve this.

Have a thought or opinion?