Probable Permissions Problem in SharePoint DVWP

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I got a message through my Live Space today, but I couldn’t respond due to the sender’s preferences, so I decided that I’d reply here.

I’m having an issue with some Data View Web Parts I created via SPD. I create the data views in Designer using data sources from SharePoint lists. That works fine. Then I link my data views through Web Connections (all in Designer). That seems to work fine. They I test in a browser. That works fine.  I make my radio button selections and all the data views switch to that linked items content. However, I’m the only one that can see this info from the browser. HELP!!!

My best guess based on what you’ve told me is that your users have different permissions on the content than you.  Since you are able to edit the page with SharePoint Designer, it’s highly probable that you have Site Collection Administrator permissions.  This would allow you to see all content in any list on the site.  Check to see what your users’ permissions are on the same content that you are seeing.

Hope this helps.  Drop me a comment if you have further questions.



  1. We’ve all been hit by that one!  Glad you got it figured it out.  Also watch out for the "dreaded Check Out/In"’s cousin: the "not yet Approved".
  2. Mark,
    Not sure permissioning is the issue. Other Site collection admins can not see the the info as well, only me. It seems since I am the designer the DVWP content is some how unique to me and no one else can view it via the browser. This is driving me nuts to figure out WHY?

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