Telerik RADEditor: “Link” vs. “link” in ListToolsFile.xml

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The Telerik RADEditor for MOSS is a great add-on that provides enhanced Rich Text Editing within MOSS.  (See my previous post: Telerik RADEditor for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS))

One of the nice features of the RADEditor is a tool that provides a list of Custom Links from which a user can choose to insert their links.  This is handy when you want to either provide easy shortcuts to your users or to create a “soft” restriction on what links they can use.  (They can always type their own links, but if you use the Custom Links tool and do some training, you can instruct them to only use the “vetted” links in the custom Links tool.)

I noticed a small “gotcha” today with ListToolsFile.xml, which contains the XML content that drives the Custom Links tool (as well as all of the other available tools).  In my case, this is with version 4.3.2, but I would assume that it is the case in earlier versions as well.

I’ve written some C# code to generate XML from a SharePoint list to drive the Custom Links tool dropdown contents (the list of links within the<links> elements).  I had inadvertently spelled “link” with a capital “L” in the XML that I was generating.  With the capital “L”, links within a folder (or group in Custom Links) weren’t being displayed.  Changing the “L” to an “l” solved the problem.

I’ve posted about this in the Telerik forums at  The folks at Telerik are extremely responsive, so it’s pretty likely that this will be fixed in a future release, but I thought posting here might help someone from spending time tracking this down.


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